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We design and build


for ambitious &

defining brands.

We help our clients

invent their future.

How we do it.

Our project process involves 5 major milestones each having multiple gates based on the complexity of your requirement:

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At Figure 8, we can be quite obsessive about getting to know your organization.

We are interested in every aspect of your business from the organization’s origins, industry overview, your unique identity, the honest weaknesses, and shrewd competition.

These details will allow to identify opportunities, which creatively, can be a driver of growth during these dynamic and confusing times.

As a digital & creative integrated marketing agency, we guarantee our focus on each project we take over, be it from a one-time SEO solution to a complete digital branding overhaul.



Integrated Creation

To us, integrated creation means using our resources & ability to identify if your organization needs to reach out wider or narrow things down using digital marketing & technology. We will ensure a great end user experience which results in your organization making a profitable return.

Using Technology

Our creativity extends to both offline and online mediums with trackable analytics and results.

Our work is done in-house; from idea creation, marketing strategy, lead nurturing, content marketing, analytics-based improvements, web development and mobile application development.

We can manage global clientele in a cost-effective manner.

The New Rise of the Internet

Post COVID-19, the world has re-discovered how to use the internet.


A behavioural shift is widely observed not just in how we interact with each other online but also how we shop and learn using the internet.


A younger generation, Gen Z or Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012/15) is now the first generation to have never known a world without the internet and smartphones.


Their buying patterns and opinions of a company are not based solely on the product or service but on ethics, practices, and sustainability.

Do not be left behind…

Contact us for a discussion on new digital trends and how they could benefit your organization.

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