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SEO Specialists

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process utilized to raise a website’s position on a search results page. SEO essentially boosts your organization’s website visibility.

Why Google?

Google has over 97% market share as a search engine in Sri Lanka. Google is also the global leader in online search.

SEO Planning

Customer Audit

Review of the existing online presence. If your organization already has a website, we will ascertain your current visibility on search engines and the organic reach.


We will discuss what your latest objectives are from your website. This will help to structure what conversions need to take place from your website based on your organization’s objectives.

Audience & Competitors

This includes a keyword analysis along with identifying your target audience for more effective content. Your competitors will also be reviewed to develop an improved SEO strategy for your organization.


Content and technical optimization to enhance search engine rankings. This includes improving website load times, content review, JavaScript optimization, correcting hyperlinks, canonicalization, link building etc.

Reporting & Review

Monitor the SEO strategy’s performance over time and make consistent improvements.

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