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Social Media Management 

Audit & Research

Auditing will provide immediate insight into your social media strategy. It will offer a foundation for improving your campaigns so you can achieve the results you desire from social media, from more followers to better client satisfaction.

We will ensure consistent branding on all social media channels. We will compile the metrics (followers, engagement rate etc.) and analyze for trends and content preferences of your audience.


A review of the competitions' social media presence will also provide more insight into your market. Once the audit is complete, an audience research will be carried out to target them on their preferred platform allowing to earn a better return on investment (ROI). This enables your marketing budget and ad spending to create content and advertisements which are targeting the right users. 

Strategy & Platform

From the audit, we will know which networks matter most to your target market by reviewing demographic data. We can reference your engagement rates to see which networks performed best (along with competitor activity).

The strategy will be formulated taking into consideration your goals, industry and brand.


Social Media Profile

We will create or update your social media profiles, making sure they fit with your brand. We will also create professional images that capture your brand and make a great first impression on users.

This entails profile pictures, covers & backgrounds, headers and icons. Once complete, we will focus on the marketing goals such as increasing engagement or driving interaction.

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Social Media Ads

We will formulate an advertising strategy for your company. If you want to earn more genuine followers, as well as encourage user engagement, social media ads are essential.

Platforms, from Snapchat to Facebook, vary in their approach to ads. They feature different ad types, as well as different goals. Considerations will also be taken of audience, media, content, calls to action (CTA), cost per click (CPC) etc.

Content Calendar

In your content calendar, which will include the current month, you can view scheduled posts for your social media accounts.


These posts may include company announcements and holiday tidings, as well as shared content, such as a blog post from your website or an image from a client.


Platform Specific Content

We will oversee every aspect of content creation, from developing the topic to writing the copy to selecting the media.

Our graphic designers and copywriters will work together to create content that resonates with users and accomplishes your company’s goals. If your calendar includes content from a third party — maybe an influencer’s blog post mentioning your product — we will ensure it is appropriately linked and captioned to share on your social media accounts.


Daily interactions with social media followers is invaluable as it has a direct impact on brand awareness and brand loyalty.

We will adhere to your brand and company standards when engaging with your followers. We respond to users that leave negative comments, such as about a bad experience.


For social media users, your company’s interaction with them demonstrates that you care. In many industries, that will set your business apart from your competitors. It can even become a selling point for consumers, especially since more than 65% of people use social media for customer service.


Social Reach

As a part of our social media management services, we may reach out to influencers and trusted organizations in your industry.

That can lead to coverage of your company by those individuals, which can connect you with their followers. The result is more exposure for your brand, as well as the chance to earn more followers and clients. It’s a strategy for you, as well as another organization, to gain coverage.

Performance Monitoring

A critical part of social media management is monitoring the performance of your efforts.

We will track the performance of your ads, as well as creative content, and share those results with you.

We make sure you can see the performance, as well as the returns of your investment.

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